Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meet Simi, the spoiled dog

Well, I couldn't think of anything else to blog about, and since Simi's the most spoiled dog in creation, she got the nod. She's in her favorite spot right now--lying beside my desk chair, within easy reach for random scratches and pats. Which she frequently gets.

So without further ado, admire my baby girl!
She's so stressed. I should be ashamed, subjecting this poor dog to such a harsh and stressful life. (See the edge of my desk up there in the corner? Told you it's her favorite spot.)
"I might want to go out... but then again, you might be about to pet me. Are you?"
On her first birthday, with what remains of her present--a nice, meaty, disgusting-smelling smoked bone. She didn't offer to share it with me.


Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

I will NOT make any comments about girls sharing bones. I will NOT.

Simster is adorabe!

Amelia Elias said...

You know, Cat, Simi would like to chase you up a tree. Just sayin's all. *snicker*

Bailey Stewart said...

LOL at "girls sharing bones".

Simi is really adorable.

Spoiled Canine Team said...

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