Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Isn't this fun?

Hello, world. I've got a blog. Thanks, bye.


... all right, all right, I'll think of something else to say.

For reasons possibly related to insanity and inadequate medication, I've decided to dive back into blogging again. (I attempted to set up a Myspace page as well, but damn, I can't figure out the template thingies. I'm just not computer literate enough for that, apparently. I'll have to get help!) So here will be the fascinating minutae of my daily life, full of riveting details. Or something. (Probably or something, because my life's really not all that fascinating, alas!)

I'll do the official kick-off tomorrow with a Thursday Thirteen, even though that's been "officially" discontinued. Yeah, like I really follow rules? And we'll see what happens from there.

However, right now I'm trying to finish a short story and need to get cracking on that, so here I leave you. Adios.


Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

...there were rules about the Thursday Thirteen?

I only ever remembered about it on a Friday anyway.

Laura Hamby said...

Are we having fun yet?

How 'bout now?


Um, you do realize your blog is pink?

Okay. Thought so.

Welcome back to the blogging world.

Amelia Elias said...

Indeed, the blog, she is much with the pinkness. Not sure how I keep having such pink pages on the internet (website, blog, etc) when I really, sorta, kinda, don't like pink.

Go figger.

Denise Patrick said...


Amelia Elias said...

I... don't really know, Denise. I think I'll blame Cat. Have you seen HER websites? Mine looks positively non-pink by comparison. Her blog and website is an orgy of pink.

By comparision, I'm quite restrained.

Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

Oi, I have a purple one too.

And it's Sophie's fault it's all pink. It's ALWAYS Sophie's fault.

Amelia Elias said...

There you have it, Fester. It's Sophie's fault that my blog's so pink. Nevermind that she's a fictional character--she doesn't know that, and therefore, is perfectly blame-able.