Saturday, April 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Or at least that's what it said on the front page of my official website.

Hmm. Maybe I should update that, I thought last night. If I leave it up any longer, people will start asking me if I'm pre-advertising some kind of Christmas In July sale or something.

So off I go to update the website. Gee, looks like I never really got around to finishing it. Well, my excuse is that HTML and I had a messy breakup and we don't really talk much. It just didn't understand me... or something like that... anyway, I decided that not only would I update, get rid of the Christmas stuff, and add the latest 2 books on there, I would finish actually creating the site. Add all those links I promised I'd add. Put up the pictures I wanted up there.

And I did. Took me three hours, but goodness, it was pretty when it was done. I happily clicked SAVE and... and...

The damned website server was offline for upgrades! Every single thing I just did was GONE!

Anyway... I redid it. Christmas is finally over. Have a look-see, if you want. But this is exactly why I hate updating my website--it's always something. Grrr.

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