Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Interwebs have gone MAD, I tell you, MAD!

Some planet has to be in retrograde or something. The crazies are out in force and I've spent the day blog-hopping and shaking my head in a delightful "WTF?" fog. (I'm sure there were a couple other things I should've been doing, but hey--I'll blame the crazies!)

So, Tony Catanzaro, romance cover model, guy with rock-hard abs, just flipped his nut over at the Smart Bitches website. Is it just me, or are threats and wishes for bad fortune and death followed by, "But instead, I'll pray for you," in the top 10 of the most offensive things anyone can say? Why do people think that "I'll pray for you" is a free ticket to say the most vile, loathsome things? It's not. And this guy should be widely castigated for this.

Go check it out. The brand new 'People Being Stupid' tag is really getting a workout these last couple days...

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